Scene, Safety, Situation.

When a Paramedic, Police Officer or even a water fairy (Fireperson) arrive at an incident they assess the scene, look for things that may cause anyone any danger and then work out the situation – what a great way for me to start!


So I guess this is where I introduce myself, I am a paramedic with a few years experience who works in a busy outlying station in the UK. I am close enough to a major city to be dragged into it a lot. I work on both rapid response vehicles and as part of a double crewed ambulance. I do not have a regular crew-mate and work a range of shifts covering stupidly early mornings to stupidly late nights. I am sleep-deprived, over worked and underpaid; so in summary, an NHS Paramedic!


So as is customary, my safety always comes first. So for that reason this blog will be anonymous. My crew mates safety is always then the next priorty – so I will be using an alias for anyone who I mention working with; wether that be another Paramedic, Ambulance Assosciate Practitioner, Student Paramedic or Emergency Care Assistant. The third priority is the patients; so although everything I write about will be inspired by real incidents I have attended, all of the places, people and other identifiable information will be changed in the interests of confidentiality!


So what is the situation?

This blog is going to be a place for me to vent; to discuss cases, to talk about current topics and my practice as a Paramedic. I will be honest (sometimes too honest) about everything that I experience as a Paramedic. I decided to do this as sometimes at incidents I find myself thinking about how lucky or unlucky i am to do what I do and experience the things I do. I often find myself thinking:

You couldnt make this up

So with that in mind; im starting this. Lets see how it goes!

Stay Safe x


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